Rider Profile: Ollie Palmer

Ollie Palmer Ollie Palmer

Birth Date:

Home Town:
Colyton, Devon.

Home park/trail:
Seaton, Bridport.

Diamondback Seahawk frame, custom build.

Can you remember when riding stopped becoming a hobby but a way of life?
Well I would say within the first year of riding I knew that this I what I want and couldn't give it up! And then I rode more and more and had fun at it, and I'm still having fun to this day!

How did you first get hooked up with Diamondback?
I think Mr Jay Cowley is to thank! We made the trip to Terminal 1 Park for the Ride to Glory launch, Jay filmed a cheeky edit, he sent it to Diamondback they liked it and it went from there.

What does riding for Diamondback mean to you?
It means everything! I can't thank Diamondback enough! Just a massive help and boost to keep me having fun and riding.

Tell us about your bike setup:
It's a Diamondback Seahawk custom build with prototype parts. I run it fast, tight and responsive!

Riding has given you the opportunity to travel and ride some great places, which has been the most memorable?
Going over to Munich, Germany was insane! And Diamondback taking the team to Scotland in July 2013 was so sick.

Who do you respect in MTB/BMX?
In MTB it's Freddy Pulman! Check him out! So good to ride with.

In BMX it's to hard to narrow it down, but anyone who doesn't take it too seriously and just rides everyday with a massive smile on their face has my respect, any age. No game faces!

What has been your scariest moment full stop on a bike?
On Halloween 2011 I cracked my skull and shattered my eye socket! That sucked. My helmet was on too – wear them!

What have you got planned for this season?
No injuries! Haha, I want to ride as much as I can. And ride all over.

Any words of wisdom?
Don't take it to seriously, have fun and always wear a helmet.

Shout outs and hook ups?
Massive thanks to Diamonback BMX for keeping my bike always running fresh! The Lab Clothing who make my dress sense rock! Horizon watches and Veho muvi cams! And to everyone I ride with, thanks guys!