Rider Profile: Rob Sbarcea

Rob Sbarcea Rob Sbarcea

Birth Date:

Home Town:
Düsseldorf, Germany

Home park/trail:
Ulenberg Skatepark in Düsseldorf

Diamondback Nightseeker

Can you remember when riding stopped becoming a hobby but a way of life?
Not really, it just happened over the years that riding became more important for me then other things, where "normal" people would care!

How did you first get hooked up with Diamondback?
I heard of Diamondback as one of the first BMX companies on the market back in the days. All of a sudden they popped back up with some pretty heavy hitters and some really interesting products. That's when they caught my attention. Even more surprising was when I got a call if I would like to ride for them. Stoked!

What does riding for Diamondback mean to you?
It It's a great opportunity to visit and see different places and represent a cool company!

Tell us about your bike setup:
Clean and simple is what I like.

Riding has given you the opportunity to travel and ride some great places, which has been the most memorable?
I haven't been around that much, but for the sake of riding I made some really good friends in England after living there for a year and I try to get as often as possible to Berlin. The friends I made there are amazing! Knowing that in so many parts of the country is at least one person I can stay. BMX is like a big family!

Who do you respect in BMX?
Everyone who enjoys riding! But the most respect goes out to my friends with who I ride with day by day. So much progress and passion! Best people to be around!

What has been your scariest moment full stop on a bike?
I tend to fall a lot... Damn, I had to many scary moments. Haha!

What have you got planned for this season?
Not to stress myself too bad with work and studying and enjoy life more with riding, traveling and seeing friends.

Any words of wisdom?
Only one in German: Vor'm kacken Deckel hoch.

Shout outs and hook ups?
Shout out goes to my homies, with who I always have a good time and to my parents for being patient with the medical bills, haha! Big thanks also to Diamondback for hooking me up!