Rider Profile: Christian Hatcher

Christian Hatcher Christian Hatcher

Christian Hatcher


Date of Birth:

Current Residence:
Chicksands, Bedfordshire, England

North Devon, England

Diamondback Europe, Rockstar Energy Drink, Kore USA, Freestylextreme.com, ThorMX UK, SRAM, Duck Smart, Avid, RockShox, SpiralGFX, JVC, Schwalbe UK, Horizon Watches, Owkay Clothing, Plush Suspension

Years I’ve been riding:
Racing for 22 years

Favourite Trail or place to ride:
Whistler, Canada

Best ride ever:
Hitting Whistler on a hot summer’s day with my buddies

Favourite Trick:

Fractured skull, broken scaphoid, broken arm, broken nose, broken fingers, broken teeth, broken toes, broken foot, broken ribs, torn intestine, separated shoulder, fractured tibia, fractured femur, ruptured ACL, severed tendon, loads of stitches (not all from riding)

Career Highlight:
2010 British Cycling No1 Master 4X, numerous Nationals No1 finishes

Moto X, Moto Trials, Nitro RC Trophy Trucks, Race Truck Conversions, 44Racing, Jet Skiing, Pit Bikes

Role Model:
Chad Reed

Favourite Band:
Mr Scruff

Favourite Movie:
007 You Only Live Twice

Favourite Drink:
Rockstar Punched

Favourite Food:

Favourite Industry Individual:
Sam Hill

Most Valued Component on Your Bike:
My Kore wheelsets

Favourite Event:
Mega Avalanche

Words of Wisdom:
"If you're not winning, you're not trying" Colin Chapman - Lotus Founder

Last Thoughts:
Bring on the 2014 season